Consumer Protection

Better Business Bureau Serving Wisconsin

The consumer protection bureau contacts the business in question. If they decide it should be handled by another agency, they do the referral. If the business you complain against refuses to settle your complaint, you might consider discussing your complaint with a lawyer in private, or taking action in small claims court.

10019 W Greenfield Ave
Milwaukee WI 53214

State of Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) Hotline

Having a problem with an auto mechanic, contractor, or landlord? Need advice about refunds or offers that sound too good to be true? Help is available from one of the four regional offices.

PO Box 8911
2811 Agriculture Dr
Madison WI 53708-8911
608-224-5058 (TTY)

National Fraud Information Center

A project of the National consumers League; the National Fraud Information Center is working to combat the growing menace of fraud.

1701 K St NW Ste 1200
Washington DC 20006

Wisconsin No Call List

You must call FROM the phone you want to put on the No Call List. Sign up once and you're done as long as you have that number. Covers both national and Wisconsin No Call List.